Read Alouds are Fun!

posted Oct 21, 2015, 3:03 PM by ACSD Webmaster

Rick London visited Susan Scott’s First Grade Class at Long Cane Primary in Abbeville. He was a guest reader for the class. It was a real treat for him to read Corde Wharton’s Book Fair Book, NFL Superstars by James Preller. This nonfiction book helped the students have an insight to some of their favorite football players. After the read aloud, the class focused on nonfiction text features, such as, photographs and table of contents. Shown here is Corde Wharton sitting by Rick London; front row: Lindarius Gray, Jaylen Hill, Layne Harrison, and Bria Johnson; back row: Ella Busbee, Jonathan Rausch, Levi Little, and Tristin Freeman.