Westwood Elementary Third Graders Studying Braille

posted May 23, 2016, 12:02 PM by ACSD Webmaster
Mrs. Jennifer Smith's 3rd Graders have been reading the novel Helen Keller and studying her biography. To help students' understand how Helen could read, Abbeville County School Disitrict's Visual Impaired Teacher, Mrs. Adrienne Padner, came to share her Braille writer and books with Mrs. J. Smith's 3rd Graders.  Mrs. Padner explained the history of using Braille with the blind and the process of learning to read the raised dots with your fingers. She demonstrated how to write sentences using the Braille writer, and shared popular Braille books, like Junie B. Jones, with the students.

Photo 1:  Nathaniel Hughey feels the raised dots of the braille book.

Photo 2:  Mrs. Adrienne Padner shows students the machine used to create the raised dots for braille.  L to R: Nathaniel Hughey, Vincen Abrams, Nathan Jackson, Braiden Wilson, Mrs. Padner, and Amesha McClendon.