National Safe Boating Week Presentation at WWES

posted Jun 1, 2018, 5:32 AM by ACSD Webmaster
On May 17th, Sandy Gresham, Jo Graziano and Chuck Gresham of Thurmond Lake Sail and Power Squadron presented water safety instruction to two third grade classes at Westwood Elementary School in Abbeville.  This was a Squadron activity associated with National Safe Boating Week. Sandy started out with how to assist a swimmer in trouble with the 'Reach, Throw, Row, Go' method, illustrating how one could throw anything you have by the water that will float including Styrofoam coolers, PFDs and beach balls.  Then Jo took a portion of the classes and let them color and work through the water safety book 'Zippett'. The other portion of the classes stayed with Sandy for PFD instruction. First the students tried on the life jacket they were given, then Sandy explained that you need a PFD that fits, then you had to wear it correctly.  Sandy and Chuck gently pulled the shoulder straps of the PFDs to show the students that if the PFD is not firmly worn, it will ride up when the child is in the water. This instruction has become an annual occasion that is very much appreciated by the Westwood teachers visited; Mrs. Stanley and Ms. Jeanes.