Rocky's Runners Participate in the Reindeer Run

posted Dec 10, 2018, 12:07 PM by ACSD Webmaster
Rocky's Runners is a running club at Diamond Hill Elementary.  The running club just completed their fall season by running a 5K.  We are so proud of all their hard work.

left to right.: Sierra Way, Hunter Way, Paeton McDonald, Warren Smith, Pearl Smith, Sophie Oxendine, Ella Willcox, Isabella Partain, Michael Alonso, Arielle Chubbuck, Tylier Glazier, Adyson Ashley, Peyton Ashley, Jake Wilcox, Carson Harrison, Lilly McDonald, Roslyn Partain, Jesus Alonso, Amy Smith, Leigh Oxendine, Monterrius Martin, Tracy Hanna, Eli Hanna, Noah Oxendine, Nicole McDonald, Todd Ramey