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Westwood’s 2013-2014 National Junior Beta Club

posted Feb 28, 2014, 8:11 AM by ACSD Webmaster

Fifty-one students were inducted into the National Junior Beta Club of Westwood Elementary School on Tuesday, February 18, 2013, in a formal.  These students met the requirements of: 1) a GPR of 91 and above without accommodations for the first semester of the fifth grade; 2) on grade level in all subjects; 3) 15 out of 20 points on a teacher rating scale of attitude, character, citizenship, dependability, and leadership; and 4) passing all areas on the statewide test, SC PASS. Members received a pin, certificate, membership card, and access to the National Beta Club website along with its privileges. Sponsors of the Beta Club are Sandy Rowland Scott, Professional School Counselor; Jessica Brown, 3rd grade teacher; and Jenni Hedden, Tena Smith, Kristin Hughes, and Jennifer Smith - 5th grade teachers.   


[Beta Members] Pictured in the photo above are members of  the Westwood Elementary 2013-2014 National Junior Beta Club:  (row 1) Landon Smith, Si’Niyah Johnson, Jesalyn Vinkemulder, Jalisa Paul, Amanda Boyd, Brady Wilson, Davis Sutherland, Jake Adams, Emma Monroe, Abby Whaley, Lynde Beaver, Cruz Temple; (row 2) Alec Fisher, Anna Beth Smith, Bethany Ricketts, Madison Pruitt, Alexis Hill, DJ Freese, Christian Crocker, Luke Evans, , Janessa Haddon, Kelis Clark, Ambria Gilliard, Ke,Shunna Morton, Caleb Simpson, Thomas Beauford, Evan Sellars, Seth Griffin; (row 3) Ja’Niah Settles, Za’Laybria Jackson, Matthew Hughes, Cheyenne McConnell, Savanna McConnell, Nyla Nickles, Brianna Moore, Claire Hughes, Hakeria Patterson, Matthew Hall, Brooks Hanna, Caroline Scott, Kristen Smith, Mike Chen; (row 4) Bailey Sumner, Tequasia Wideman, Anna Grace Kuenzer, Katie Rose Hill, Reghan Steifle, Gracey Thomasson, John Gilchrist. Absent from photo were Phillip Hedden and Lewis Cowart.


[Beta Officers] The Officers of the Westwood Elementary National Junior Beta Club are (l to r): Amanda Boyd – Treasurer, Caroline Scott – Secretary, Kristen Smith – Vice-President, and Phillip Hedden – President.

JCCE Top AR Readers

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Top readers at John C. Calhoun Elementary School were treated to a celebration in honor of their achievements on Wednesday, February 19th.  Pictured are:  Quade Lindler, Jamari McIntosh, Andrew Phelps (not pictured), Tamya Dubose, Cameron Williams, Jayla Jackson, Joseph Booth,  Jayden Hood (top point scorer), Gracee Dixon, Jordan Hozey,  and Kydedra Banks. Also, pictured media specialist, Nancy Taylor.

Abbeville County Career Center student, Valorie Colvert, attends The 2014 Congress of Future Medical Leaders in Washington, DC.

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First year Health Science student, Valorie Colvert, attended the three-day Congress of Future Medical Leaders which began February 14th in Washington DC.  The forum was sponsored by the National Academy of Future Physicians and Medical Students and featured a welcome by the US Surgeon General, a live surgery observation, remarks by scientific prodigies, and several presentations by Nobel Laureates and published medical researchers.  Valorie is the daughter of James and Sheryl Colvert.  She is enrolled in Petra Jones’ Health Science 1 program at the Abbeville County Career Center, is a junior at Abbeville High School, and aspires to be a physician.


posted Feb 5, 2014, 11:05 AM by ACSD Webmaster   [ updated Feb 5, 2014, 11:05 AM ]

DIXIE WINNERS AT FBLA CONFERENCE—At the Future Business Leaders of America District II Leadership Conference held on Saturday, February 1, at the Westwood High School in Blythewood, SC, Dixie High School students were the recipients of numerous district awards. 

 The following awards were received.  In Business Calculations – 1st Savannah Spearin, 2nd Austin Ware, 4th Yolanda Mullins; Business Math – 1st Derek Graber, 2nd Marissa Hines, 3rd Sara Beth Sears; Introduction to Business Communications – 1st Ashley Nickles, 2nd Whitney Poore, 3rd Leigha Snipes; Business Communications – 5th Andrea Poore; Business Presentation – 3rd - Team of Eric Cheek, Thomas Dent and Will Hopkins; Business Procedures – 3rd Austin Spencer; Health Care Administration – 5th Abigail Nelson; Introduction to Business – 3rd Samantha Ferguson, 5th Kerri Clamp; Introduction to Information Technology – Emma Iannone; Person Finance – 1st Janie Sullivan; Sports & Entertainment Management - 2nd - Team of Keaton Flowers, Trent Willey and Fenn Williamson; Public Speaking 1 – 2nd Haleigh Phillips; Public Speaking 2 – 4th Jacob Eller; Desktop Publishing – 3rd Team of Chelsea Lloyd and Kensley Carwile; Word Processing – 3rd Alyssa Ashley, 4th Lauren Branyon.

 All of these FBLA members are eligible to represent Abbeville County in the State Competitions to be held in Charleston in March.  FBLA-PBL is the largest business career student organization in the world. The high school division has over 215,000 members.  Dixie FBLA advisors are Beverly Spivey and Bob Devore.



Front Row: Ashley Nickles, Kerri Clamp, Sara Beth Sears, Jenea Bowen, McKayla Stevenson, Chelsea Lloyd

2nd Row: Andrea Poore, Lauren Branyon, Emma Iannone, Haleigh Phillips, Leigha Snipes, Alyssa Ashley, Abigail Nelson, Janie Sullivan, Kensley Carwile, Yolanda Mullins, Brooke Campbell, Savanna Spearin, Jacob Eller

Back Row: Luci Devore, Marissa Hines, Whitney Poore, Austin Spencer, Derek Graber, Austin Ware, Will Hopkins, Thomas Dent, Trent Willey, Keaton Flowers, Eric Cheek, Samantha Ferguson, Kollby Taylor, Fenn Williamson

Not Pictured:  Anne Marie Ferguson

Cherokee Trail Elementary January Terrific Kids

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Congratulations to Cherokee Trail’s January Terrific Kids!  These students were chosen by their teacher because they exhibit outstanding behavior, effort, and respect.  Our Terrific Kids are sponsored by the Due West Lion’s Club and Cherokee Trail’s PTO.  Parents were invited to a program to see their child honored as they received a certificate, magnet, and pencil.  

Front Row:  Angel Hughes, Acacia Schelp, Jamie Pruitt, Mark Dyakov, Kaden Sullivan, Cain Blackwood, Jade Bannister, and Katherine Cherkasov


Second Row:  Gavin Frisco, Abi Simmons, Amanda Graber, Landon Mitchell, Hailey Hill, Andrew Nickles, and Christine Blackwood


Third Row:  Fantasy Davis, Hayden Strickland, Victoria Sears, and Stratton DeShields

Cherokee Trail Elementary Terrific Kids for December

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Congratulations to Cherokee Trail’s December Terrific Kids!  These students were chosen by their teacher because they exhibit outstanding behavior, effort, and respect.  Our Terrific Kids are sponsored by the Due West Lion’s Club and Cherokee Trail’s PTO.  Parents were invited to a program to see their child honored as they received a certificate, magnet, and pencil.  

Front Row:  Campbell Dunn, Jazmine Dunn, Katie McGaha, Benji Hines, Kinsley Flowers, Aubrey Graber, and Garrett Atkins

2nd Row: Savannah Kent, Michael Yawn, Ally Lynch, Alana Mitchell, Megan Vaughn, MaKensie Ware, Naomi Schelp, and Jonathon Matthews

3rd Row:  Te Campbell, Emily Ferguson, Brodie Evans, and Joseph Babb

Fourth Grade Living History Museum at Westwood Elementary

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The fourth grade students in Marilawren Mundy's class have been learning about the American Revolution. For students to have a better understanding, they were able to research a key figure, country, or group that impacted the war. History was brought to life by having students dress up as these key figures and tell how they contributed to the American Revolution. Third grade, other fourth grade students, and parents were invited to attend the wax museum.



Photo 1:  front row:  Isaiah Johnson, John McCarthy-Miller, Katherine Lindley, Kristen Bell, Kasi Lewis, Jenny Le, Reginald Dawson, Kevin Williams, middle row:  Regarius Allen, Andrew Price, Logan Busbee, Marilawren Mundy (teacher), Catherine Despain, Gillian Hughes, Sydney Risner, Lexi Vickery, Dawson Hughes, Ayllon Gilliard, Jeremiah Lomax, back row:  Gracie Moore, Ashley Rauton, Abbye Light, Brittney Linton, Jaylyn Howland, Talissa Cannady

Photo 2:  The Daughters of Liberty:  Lexi Vickery, Gracie Moore, Catherine Despain, Talissa Cannady

Photo 3:  Representatives of France and the Netherlands:  Kasi Lewis, Jenny Le, Kristen Bell, Katherine Lindley

Photo 4:  King George III: Dawson Hughes, Sons of Liberty: Reginald Dawson, Kevin Williams, George Washington: Regarius Allen, Marquis de Lafayette:  Ayllon Gilliard, Peter Salem:  Jeremiah Lomax

JCCE Related Arts Students of the Month

posted Jan 21, 2014, 7:04 AM by ACSD Webmaster

John C. Calhoun Elementary School selected outstanding students in each of the related arts programs for the month of December.  Lexzy Scott – Library Media,  Tanner Alewine -  Art, Kyasia Johnson (front row) – Physical Education, and Cournazhia Sanders (back row) – Music.

Keeping Our Teeth Healthy at Westwood Elementary

posted Jan 13, 2014, 9:41 AM by ACSD Webmaster

 Students at Westwood Elementary are learning the importance of healthy teeth.  Registered Dental Hygienist, Joy Rivers, a Health Promotion Specialist through the School Based Dental Program, has been discussing brushing and flossing for healthy teeth and gums with our students.  The students even had the opportunity to have their teeth professionally cleaned by Ms. Rivers.  Remember to brush your teeth twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste and don’t forget to floss to help fight cavities and to keep your smile bright every day.

Photo 1:  Joy Rivers (Registered Dental Hygienist) cleans Eli Hope’s teeth while Ja’Carlos Mattison watches.

Photo 2:  Joy Rivers (Registered Dental Hygienist) talks to Joshua Coates

Photo 3:  Joy Rivers (Registered Dental Hygienist) talks to Melanie Gilchrist

Westwood Elementary Students Collecting Cans for Local Food Pantry

posted Jan 13, 2014, 9:11 AM by ACSD Webmaster

Students at Westwood Elementary held a food drive to donate canned goods to the local food pantry organized by UCMAC, United Christian Ministries of Abbeville County. The students collected a total of 400 cans to donate.   Dawn Whittle’s class took on the project of community helpers by collecting, counting, and organizing each day’s canned goods.  Anna William’s 4th grade class and Dawn Whittle’s class earned a pizza party for the largest percentage of cans collected by each class. 

Photo 1:  Ja’Carlos Mattison and Eli Hope picking up canned goods from the 5th grade hallway

Photo 2:  Dawn Whittle (WWES teacher), Beau Weathers, Johnathon Harp, Ja’Carlos Mattison, Eli Hope, and Carmen Tolbert collecting cans from around the school 

Photo 3:  Millie Ricketts (WWES Principal), Keyshawn Belcher, Dominicke Brown, Tyron Pahn, and Mr. Riley McClane (UCMAC) load up the truck with the many boxes of canned goods

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