Connecting Writing and Social Studies at Westwood Elementary

posted Jan 13, 2014, 9:04 AM by ACSD Webmaster

Fifth graders at Westwood Elementary School recently completed a family research project connecting writing and Social Studies. Students were asked to interview the oldest living member of their extended family. The project started just before Thanksgiving and ended after the New Year celebrations. Students were asked to interview their oldest family member in person so that they could hear about historic events from Social Studies class brought to life by their relative. Families often learn things about their relative that they didn't know and often discover photos and mementos they didn't know about. Pictured here are Mrs. Pat Argo and Dimitrios Willis after he interviewed her to learn how the life has changed in the decades since she was a young girl. Mrs. Argo, a former employee of Westwood, often volunteers her time and talents to help Westwood's students be successful.